@katyperry: This is why we’re blood @shannonmwoodward NBD

“I think I should also talk about the cast because we were lucky enough to work with some great people on this video. About this time last year, I was working on a feature project that ended up falling through only a month before production. The interesting part about this story is that the lead characters were a couple in their late 20’s and I had actually presented both Shannon [Woodward] and Darren [Criss] to the producers as my wish cast. I don’t think we ever got a chance to contact Darren because he was busy being a superstar on Broadway and taking over the world; but Shannon’s tv show was on a hiatus and she was actually really interested in the script. She would have probably ended up in the project if it hadn’t fallen apart. Anyway, by some crazy miracle, I ended up working with both of them on [the Kangaroo Court] video, exactly a year later, which added a really nice symbolic touch to the project.”
- Carlos Lopez Estrada, director of the Capital Cities’ “Kangaroo Court” music video. (Source)